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CMCO is an IBC Certified Manufacturer

June 11, 2015
CMCO Press Release:
The International Building Code (IBC) has been adopted by all 50 states.  Complying with IBC and meeting its requirements when mandated is legally required and not optional.  IBC is a comprehensive building code that addresses both structural and non-structural component design and validation.  The IBC has a significant impact upon the on-site power generation industry when life safety and/or hazardous materials are involved.  IBC has strict requirements for non-structural components (generator sets, transfer switches, switchgear, custom enclosures, sub-bases, fuel tanks, circuit breakers, etc…)  to assure operation during and after a seismic event.  All components required for stand-by power must be seismically qualified by shake table testing or engineering analysis and approved by an unbiased third party.  For this reason, IBC Certification should be required in the building documents by the Engineer of Record. 
CMCO is an industry leader serving the on-site power industry for over 50 years.  CMCO provides custom generator set enclosures, weather proof enclosures, sound attenuated enclosures, sub-bases, sub-base fuel tanks, switchgear enclosures, electrical controls, and complete generator set packaging services. 
Realizing the International Building Code had been adopted and is enforced in all 50 states, Chillicothe Metal Company made the strategic decision to become an IBC Certified manufacturer.  CMCO contracted with Seismic Source International (SSI) to oversee and guide the certification process.  In 2013, CMCO met all requirements and attained IBC Certification.  Annual audits by SSI are required to maintain IBC Certification. 
CMCO now offers a very credible solution to IBC Certification for every project that requires is.  With every custom generator set sub-base/enclosure project, CMCO will provide their customer with:
1)      IBC Certificate of Compliance
2)      Engineering Analysis report
3)      Product labeling per requirements of IBC
CMCO realized early on that the International Building Code is not something to be taken lightly.  Because life safety is always of first concern, this code must be adhered to in a meaningful and credible manner.  And, there can be severe consequences for having equipment red tagged on a job site because it has not been properly qualified per requirements of the code. 
CMCO now offers IBC Certification at a very low cost.  All engineering analysis and documentation is completed by in-house engineering staff. 
CMCO offers training to the engineering community, OEM manufacturers, equipment dealers/distributors, building inspectors, and building owners. 
For more information regarding the International Building Code (IBC) and its impact on non-structural components, please contact: 
Steve Stoyanac
Office phone:  (509) 464-2100
Cell phone:      (509) 990-9084